Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby's Private Nurse

Those out there looking for someone to look after your newborn baby? This message is for you...

Hi! I am a private nurse. Currently , living in Sentul,KL , with my family. Planning to offer my services to parents who would like to have a break from caring for their new born babies. For those parents who want to leave their child to stay over , are also welcome to enquire.Please call Rozi at 016-6172827.

ok ni bukan spam message ye.
ni betol2 punye.
kot2 ade sesape yg memerlukan perkhidmatan private nurse utk menjaga baby anda waktu malam/siang,boleh hubungi nombor yang tertera.
Pn.Rozi telah berkhidmat sebagai nurse di bahagian maternity selama lebih 30 tahun dan berpengalaman menjaga newborn babies utk VIPs di Malaysia.

Selalunye demand dari patients adelah utk menjaga baby mereka pada waktu malam sbb ibu2 yg baru bersalin ni nak tidor yg cukup waktu malam katenye,ihiks!

Highly recommended!

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